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Most Affordable UK Student Cities 2017


The NATWEST Bank's Student Living Index 2017 identifies Cardiff as the lowest cost city for students in the UK.Also in the top 5 are Swansea, Durham, Aberdeen and Canterbury.  For more information click here.

Cardiff 1st
Aberdeen 2nd
Durham 3rd
Canterbury 4th
Swansea 5th
Manchester 6th
Reading 7th
Leicester 8th
York 9th
Sheffield 10th
Leeds 11th
Hull 12th
Portsmouth 13th
Poole 14th
Coventry 15th
Birmingham 16th
Newcastle 17th
Oxford 18th
Edinburgh 19th
Cambridge 20th
Southampton 21st
Plymouth 22nd
Nottingham 23rd
Liverpool 24th
Exeter 25th
Norwich 26th
Brighton 27th
Belfast 28th
Dundee 29th
Stirling 30th
Bristol 31st
Aberystwyth 32nd
St. Andrews 33rd
London 34th
Glasgow 35th

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