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Newton Fund Indonesia

Guidelines for Newton Fund Institutional Links Funding Indonesia 2015

The next call for proposals is expected to be in April 2016.

Indonesian co-funder: Matched funding from participating institutions, see below

Duration of grants: 12 - 24 months

Size of grant: £ 25,000 to £ 100,000

Thematic priority areas:

Match Funding:

Applicants must demonstrate match funding equivalent to the amount of funding requested from the Institutional Links programme, either in terms of cash, or in terms of matched effort. An example of matched effort would be where the partner institution covers the costs of the collaboration in the partner country, and the Institutional Links grant covers the costs of the collaboration in the UK, or where the travel costs of the UK researchers are covered by the Institutional Links grant and the

travel costs of an equal number of partner country researchers are covered by the partner institution.

Matched funding may also be secured by applicants from an alternative source as outlined in section 6 of the main text of these Letters of support indicating the intention to contribute matched funding must be submitted along with the application form. Clarification on matched funding and examples of matched effort can be sought from the British Council prior to the submission.Any matched funding arrangements must be in place before the grant agreement with the British Council can be signed.

British Council 2015

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